Skwisgaar Skwigelf - Lead Guitar

Skwisgaar is the lead guitarist for Dethklok, and the fastest guitar player in the world. He is also the primary composer, writing both guitar parts as well as Murderface's bass lines. He is described as "a handsome guy who thinks he's the greatest thing in the world." In fact, he usually discards and re-records Toki's guitar tracks. In accordance with his Swedish nationality, he is tall, blond, and blue eyed. Also, he has a very strong Swedish accent and often conjugates verbs incorrectly, adding a letter "s" to the end of many words that do not require it. This becomes worse when he is upset or panicked. His general lack of fluency in the English language is a common comedic device on the show.


It's a long story (see video below)
Skwisgaar grew up poor in Sweden as the only child of single mother Serveta Skwigelf, who was Miss Sweden 1956. His mother is incredibly promiscuous to this day, and as such, his paternity is unknown. He first discovered the guitar after coming home from school one day when he was 10 years old and discovering her with two men. Horrified, he ran away from the house, was chased by wolves, and fell into an ice cave where he found several corpses and a Gibson Explorer. Her neglect helped make him the fastest guitarist alive, as he focused his resentment towards her into literally constant practice. He is frequently shown practicing the guitar in odd places, such as submerged in water in a hot tub, in an elevator, during mass, playing in his sleep, etc. Despite his hatred of his mother, he mirrors her behavior and is the band lothario, though he often pursues overweight and/or elderly women, which is another frequently used comedic device. His hands have been appraised by insurance at the value of ten billion dollars -- one billion per finger. Not uncommon for self-taught guitarists, he cannot read musical notation, which he blames on his "music dyslex-kia."


In his natural habitat
As the world's fastest guitarist, he is a bit arrogant and haughty. He is often completely oblivious to his own incorrectness when he finds himself in situations where he is obviously in the wrong. However, he is privately very vulnerable and insecure, as his title comes with enormous pressure. Though the same could be said of his bandmates, Skwisgaar is particularly aloof and emotionally-detached, rarely making kind or positive comments and expressing affection only when speaking for the band as a whole. Skwisgaar exhibits a codependence on band mate Toki Wartooth. He is often bossy and controlling toward Toki, and frequently disparages Toki's guitar-playing. However, it has been made increasingly apparent throughout the series that this is done to quell his own feelings of insecurity. He is a self-described nihilist and atheist, denying not only the existence of God but that of religion itself.


Looking happier than usual.
Other Information
Skwisgaar designs custom guitars in his free time, and owns a collection of bizarre and exotic guitars, as seen in "Skwisklok". These include the Swiss Armytar, the Ant Farmitar, the Gibson Excaliburtar, and a guitar supposedly made of wood from the True Cross. Skwisgaar asserts that he hates playing acoustic guitars, which he and Toki refer to as "Grandpa's guitars." Skwisgaar bears a racism toward the Danish though he confuses them with the Dutch. Skwisgaar's bedroom is the only room in Mordhaus that is not decorated in a very dark neo-Gothic style; his all-white, sparsely-furnished room reflects the Swedish Modern aesthetic.