William Murderface - Bass Guitar

Murderface was raised by his grandparents after losing his parents in a chainsaw murder-suicide by his father as a child. He spent high school playing bass, smoking marijuana, and threatening to cut out the principal's eyes if he didn't let him graduate.


A Murderface Kodak Moment
He is portrayed as self-hating, bitter, and mean, and he is easily the most angry and violent member of the band, but  he is simultaneously thin-skinned and sensitive, seeing himself as overweight and unnatractive. Murderface goes through periods of severse lonliness and depression, which is only made worse by the fact that he is constantly pushing people away. As a result, he has more severe alcoholism than any other member of the band, except possibly Pickles. He has a large gap between his front teeth and consequently, a heavy lisp. His bass lines are often mixed out of songs completely, despite the fact that he is actually a very skilled bass player. He is commonly seen carrying a knife, which he usually uses to destroy/mutilate things. He is also incredibly homophobic. Strangely, he appears to be a history buff, particularly with respect to the American Civil War.