Pickles - Drums/Vocals

Dethklok's drummer, Pickles, is Irish-American but was raised in Tomahawk, Wisconsin by his parents Calvert and Molly and has a thick Yooper accent.  He has an average build with a slight beer gut, and red hair styled into comb-over dreadlocks. Pickles's overall appearance is very similar to that of Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose. He grew up smoking medicinal marijuana as a treatment for "kiddie glaucoma" and as a result is completely immune to the effects of most drugs. Alcohol, however, still has an effect. He has an older brother named Seth whom his parents always preferred, leaving him with an inferiority complex and resentment towards his family, causing him to leave home at the age of sixteen to pursue music.


Pickles at the tender age of 16
Musical Skill
Pickles is a multi-talented musician. He has been playing drums since a young age and has a great technical mastery of the instrument. Additionally, he often sings for Dethklok (especially in the song "Hatredcopter"), and he is the former singer/guitarist for the glam metal band "Snakes N' Barrels" (an obvious parody Guns N' Roses).


Snakes n' Barrels at the height of their fame
Role in the Band
Pickles is an important part of recording and producing Dethklok's albums, and he often keeps Nathan's perfectionism in check. He has also been described as "the band's deepest thinker."