Nathan Explosion - Vocals

Nathan Explosion is the lead singer and lyricist of Dethklok. He has a tall and bulky figure, green eyes, and long black hair, and he describes his ethnicity as white/native american. He was born and raised in New Port Richey, Florida and is the only son of Oscar and Rose Explosion. His mother and father are overbearing and strict, respectively. Nathan is known to make hateful comments towards his family, but it is revealed that he actually has a good relationship with his father, and that they go hunting, drinking, and go-karting together. He dropped out of high school before graduating after excelling in only football and frog dissection.


Nathan is Angry
Like the other members of Dethklok, he is completely clueless about most things not related to music, though he seems to be better than his bandmates at basic reasoning. Despite this, he has a very simple way of thinking, deciding how much he likes something by whether of not it is "metal" or "brutal." Additionally, he is impulsive and violent, and seems to have a fairly serious problem with alcoholism. Has difficulty with public speaking, often degenerating into frustrated incoherence after a few lines. However, despite all of these character flaws, he is the leader and driving creative force behind the band. Also, he seems to be the most emotionally adjusted, as he is the only one with a good relationship with a family member, as well as being the only one apparently capable of maintaining a romantic relationship.